Bible Messages on The Gospel

The Wonder of Heaven

In this sermon, the focus is on exploring the concept of heaven. Pastor Burns starts by emphasizing the importance of understanding different aspects of the afterlife, such as eternity, death, hell, and now, heaven. They mention how, according to Ephesians 4:8, Jesus led Old Testament Saints from Abraham’s Bosom to Heaven. The sermon goes on to discuss the different interpretations of heaven, distinguishing between the three heavens mentioned in the Bible: the atmosphere, the cosmos or galaxies, and the dwelling…

The King’s Highway

I. Find Strength in the Lord’s Promises (Vss. 3-4) A. Be Strengthened (Vs. 3) B. Be Confident (VS. 4) II. Find Stability in the Lord’s Power (Vss. 5-7) A. It Was Because of God’s Passion (Romans 5:8) B. It Was Because of God’s Purpose (Ephesians 3:7-13) III. Find Satisfaction in the Lord’s Pathway (Vss. 8-10) A. We Enter This Highway Through Salvation (Vs. 8) B. It’s a Highway Filled With Worship (Vs. 10) Conclusion

The Sword of the Lord

I. The Sword of the Lord (Vs. 6) A. A Sacrifice (Vs. 6) B. A Slaughter (Vs. 6) II. The Striking of the Earth (Vss. 9-15) III. The Seeking of the People (Vss. 16-17) A. The Desire of God (2 Peter 3:9) B. The Declaration of God (Vs. 16) 1. He Has Confirmed That All His Prophecies Would Come to Pass (Vs. 16) 2. He Will Carry Out All These Events in His Power and Sovereignty (Vs. 16) C. The…

Our True Treasure

I. The Praise of This People (Vss. 5-6) A. The Lord is Exalted (Vs. 5) B. The Lord is Righteous (Vs. 5) 1. God Leads His People with Purpose (Exodus 13: 18) 2. God Leads His People With Promises (Exodus 13:19) 3. God Leads His People With a Plan (Isaiah 33: 6) C. The Lord is Honoured (Vs. 6) II. The Prospective of This People A. They Will See the All-Powerful One (Vs. 10) B. They Will See the All-Sufficient…

Wise Unto Salvation

When we open the Bible, we read about God’s revelation of Himself. His love is seen on every page of the Word of God. We read about His power, compassion, and His grace which He had toward all of us.

One Thing – Timeless Truths

If God came to you tonight with one request, what would it be? If you had only one question to ask Him, what would that question be? We’re going to look at the great need of your heart this morning on Timeless Truths Radio Ministry.
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