Bible Messages

Be Still and Know (That I Am Good)

Pastor Burns preaches the first message in this powerful series “Be Still and Know.” He teaches us about the goodness of God and how He is good even when we cannot see it. God’s goodness travels with us until we get to Heaven.

Our Focus in Crisis

When we go through a crisis what should be our focus? Pastor Burns uses the life of Paul as our example to what truly should be our focus in difficult days.

Trials and Spiritual Maturity

HYMNS FOR OUR SERVICE (MARCH 22):  450 | 63 | 483 | 202 Trials are not always the easiest and most of the time they are disliked, but trials have an important role in our Spiritual life. Learn more as Pastor Burns speaks on Psalm 119 and how trials helped the Psalmist to grow.

The Gospel – Timeless Truths

Pastor Burns explains the pathway to eternal life. He tells us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can change your life. The Gospel of Christ reveals the power, purity and punishment of God. Join us for this week’s program.

Timeless Truths: The Bible

Pastor Burns dicusses the importance of the Bible and how it went from the heart of God to the hand of Christians. We look at how we can walk in the light, and become a Christian whose work is blessed.

The Need of Patience

If we are going to finish the race that is before us, then we are going to need patience. Pastor Burns breaks down what it means to be a patient Christian and why it’s essential to the Christian life.