The Wonder of Heaven

In this sermon, the focus is on exploring the concept of heaven. Pastor Burns starts by emphasizing the importance of understanding different aspects of the afterlife, such as eternity, death, hell, and now, heaven. They mention how, according to Ephesians 4:8, Jesus led Old Testament Saints from Abraham’s Bosom to Heaven.

The sermon goes on to discuss the different interpretations of heaven, distinguishing between the three heavens mentioned in the Bible: the atmosphere, the cosmos or galaxies, and the dwelling place of God. The primary focus is on the third heaven, which is in the presence of God.

The characteristics of heaven are briefly explored, including its purity and the absence of sorrow, pain, and death. The sermon also touches on the idea of receiving rewards in heaven, laying them at Jesus’ feet, and the comfort that heaven brings.

Pastor Burns highlights that while heaven is a glorious destination, believers must continue to live on Earth with purpose until they are called home. The sermon encourages faith in Jesus as the way to heaven and ends with an invitation for those who have not yet accepted Christ into their lives.

Overall, the sermon serves as a reminder of the hope and promise of heaven and the importance of living a life of faith and purpose.