Bible Messages on Bible Study

A Kingdom Destroyed

1. The Reason for Judgement (Vss. 2-3) A. The Habitation of Devils and the Hold of Every Foul Spirit. (Vss. 2) B. The Evil of the Antichrist’s Kingdom Will Spread to All Nations (Vs. 3) 2. The Reversal of Judgement (Vs. 4) 3. The Rehearsal of Judgement (Vss. 5-19) 4. The Rejoicing at Judgement (Vs. 20) 5. The Result of the Judgement (Vss. 21-24)

Be A Doer of the Word

How can we be blessed by God? Is it by reading the Bible, coming to church or being a good person in our day-to-day dealings with humanity? Well, it’s none of those things. Pastor Burns gives us Bible truths on how we can be blessed in all of our deeds.