Our True Treasure

I. The Praise of This People (Vss. 5-6)

A. The Lord is Exalted (Vs. 5)

B. The Lord is Righteous (Vs. 5)

1. God Leads His People with Purpose (Exodus 13: 18)

2. God Leads His People With Promises (Exodus 13:19)

3. God Leads His People With a Plan (Isaiah 33: 6)

C. The Lord is Honoured (Vs. 6)

II. The Prospective of This People

A. They Will See the All-Powerful One (Vs. 10)

B. They Will See the All-Sufficient One (Vs. 10)

III. The Prosperity of This People (Vss. 15-17)

A. Given to the One Who Hates Sin (Vss. 15-16)

B. God will Bless Them (Vs 16)

C. He will See God in His Life (Vs. 17)



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