Bible Messages on Psalms

How To Study The Bible (Part 6)

I. Types of Bible StudiesA. Book, Chapter, and Verse StudiesB. Character StudiesC. Word StudiesD. A Topical StudyII. How Do I Respond to Verses I Don’t Understand?A. Pray, Read, and Pray AgainB. Compare Scripture With Other ScripturesC. Consider Your Spiritual GrowthD. Use Trusted SupportsIII. Begin Studying the Bible Today!A. Start Small and ExpandB. Record EverythingC. Enjoy the JourneyD. Measure Progress Not PagesE. Expect Spiritual Attack Download my FREE PDF Bible Study Journal here. This simple-to-use PDF Bible Study Daily Journal will…

Bible Truths For Any Pandemic

When troubles come into our lives it’s wonderful that we can run to the Bible for help. In this message, Pastor Burns gives you powerful Bible verses that can calm the storm and your heart.

Be Still and Know . . . That I Am Good

Pastor Burns preaches the first message in this powerful series “Be Still and Know.” He teaches us about the goodness of God and how He is good even when we cannot see it. God’s goodness travels with us until we get to Heaven.

Trials and Spiritual Maturity

HYMNS FOR OUR SERVICE (MARCH 22):  450 | 63 | 483 | 202 Trials are not always the easiest and most of the time they are disliked, but trials have an important role in our Spiritual life. Learn more as Pastor Burns speaks on Psalm 119 and how trials helped the Psalmist to grow.

What Is Man?

Pastor Burns preaches on Psalm 8. He describes how we can live a victorious Christian life understanding our position in Jesus Christ.