Bible Messages on The Nature of God

Idolatry on Trial (Isaiah 41)

I. The  Opening  Statement (Vs. 2-4)  A. God is the One in  Control  of Human  Events  (Vs. 4) B. God is the  First  and the  Last  II. The  Response  of the Heathen  Toward   God  (Vss. 5-7) III. The  Declaration  of God to His  People  (Vs. 8-17) A. God’s People  Shouldn’t   Push  Him Away (Vs. 8)  B. God’s  People  Do Not Have to  Fear  (Vs. 10) C. With God, No Obstacle is Too Great (Vss. 14-15) D. With God, Our Needs are Meet (Vss. 17-19) IV.  Idolatry  On  Trial  (Vs. 21-25 A. Show us the  Future  or  Explain  the Past (Vs. 22) B. God’s Conclusion (Vs. 24) V. The Court’s  Verdict  (Vs. 26-29)

A Kingdom Destroyed

1. The Reason for Judgement (Vss. 2-3) A. The Habitation of Devils and the Hold of Every Foul Spirit. (Vss. 2) B. The Evil of the Antichrist’s Kingdom Will Spread to All Nations (Vs. 3) 2. The Reversal of Judgement (Vs. 4) 3. The Rehearsal of Judgement (Vss. 5-19) 4. The Rejoicing at Judgement (Vs. 20) 5. The Result of the Judgement (Vss. 21-24)

The Sword of the Lord

I. The Sword of the Lord (Vs. 6) A. A Sacrifice (Vs. 6) B. A Slaughter (Vs. 6) II. The Striking of the Earth (Vss. 9-15) III. The Seeking of the People (Vss. 16-17) A. The Desire of God (2 Peter 3:9) B. The Declaration of God (Vs. 16) 1. He Has Confirmed That All His Prophecies Would Come to Pass (Vs. 16) 2. He Will Carry Out All These Events in His Power and Sovereignty (Vs. 16) C. The…

Be Still and Know . . . That I Am Good

Pastor Burns preaches the first message in this powerful series “Be Still and Know.” He teaches us about the goodness of God and how He is good even when we cannot see it. God’s goodness travels with us until we get to Heaven.