Idolatry on Trial (Isaiah 41)

Idolatry on Trial (Isaiah 41)

I. The  Opening  Statement (Vs. 2-4) 

A. God is the One in  Control  of Human  Events  (Vs. 4)

B. God is the  First  and the  Last 

II. The  Response  of the Heathen  Toward   God  (Vss. 5-7)

III. The  Declaration  of God to His  People  (Vs. 8-17)

A. God’s People  Shouldn’t   Push  Him Away (Vs. 8) 

B. God’s  People  Do Not Have to  Fear  (Vs. 10)

C. With God, No Obstacle is Too Great (Vss. 14-15)

D. With God, Our Needs are Meet (Vss. 17-19)

IV.  Idolatry  On  Trial  (Vs. 21-25

A. Show us the  Future  or  Explain  the Past (Vs. 22)

B. God’s Conclusion (Vs. 24)

V. The Court’s  Verdict  (Vs. 26-29)


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