Bible Messages by Pastor Jerry A. Burns (Page 2)

Wise Unto Salvation

When we open the Bible, we read about God’s revelation of Himself. His love is seen on every page of the Word of God. We read about His power, compassion, and His grace which He had toward all of us.

Your Self-Image

When you look in a mirror what do you see or say? You self-image shouldn’t come from the world, but from the Word of God. Pastor Burns gives us powerful principles to help us with our self-Image.

A Hard Heart

A hardened heart will keep us from doing what God has called us to do. Do you have a hard heart? Consider this message to determine if you have a heart that hears God when He speaks.

The Problem with Pride

Pride is a problem that we all struggle with. It’s not only deceptive, it’s also destructive. In this message, Pastor Burns is going to teach how we can choose humility over pride in our life.

Bible Truths For Any Pandemic

When troubles come into our lives it’s wonderful that we can run to the Bible for help. In this message, Pastor Burns gives you powerful Bible verses that can calm the storm and your heart.

We Have Seen the Lord

Pastor Burns gives us a Bible message which talks about seeing God in the difficult circumstances of your life. When troubles come into your life, what do you see? Do you see the waves, the rolling sea or is it Jesus walking on the water?

One Thing – Timeless Truths

If God came to you tonight with one request, what would it be? If you had only one question to ask Him, what would that question be? We’re going to look at the great need of your heart this morning on Timeless Truths Radio Ministry.