Bible Messages from January 2022

How To Study The Bible (Part 6)

I. Types of Bible StudiesA. Book, Chapter, and Verse StudiesB. Character StudiesC. Word StudiesD. A Topical StudyII. How Do I Respond to Verses I Don’t Understand?A. Pray, Read, and Pray AgainB. Compare Scripture With Other ScripturesC. Consider Your Spiritual GrowthD. Use Trusted SupportsIII. Begin Studying the Bible Today!A. Start Small and ExpandB. Record EverythingC. Enjoy the JourneyD. Measure Progress Not PagesE. Expect Spiritual Attack Download my FREE PDF Bible Study Journal here. This simple-to-use PDF Bible Study Daily Journal will…

Look to The Lord

I. Look to God Who Created All Things (Vs. 9) A. Do Not Oppose God’s Purpose in Your Life (Vs. 9) 1. His Ways are Not Our Ways, Nor His Thoughts Our Thoughts (Isaiah 55:8) 2. God Provides Wisdom (James 1:1-2) B. Don’t Oppose God’s Plan in Your Life (Vs. 10) C. God is an All-Wise Creator (Isaiah 45:11-13) II. Look to God Who is Above All (Vss. 14-21) A. God is Great (Vs. 18) B. God is Good (Vs.…
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