The Servant, Jesus

I. The  Ministry  of Jesus (Vss. 1-4) 

A. The  Exalted  One (Vs. 1) 

B. The  Meek  One (Vs. 2)

C. The  Healing  One (Vs. 3) 

D. The  Triumphant  One (Vs. 4) 

II. The  Mission  of Jesus (Vss. 5-8)

A. He is the  Creator  God (Vs. 5)

B. He is the  Saving  God (Vs. 5)

1. Jesus would  Complete  His Mission (Vs. 6)

2. Jesus Would be  Hope  to the  Jews  and the  World  (Vss. 6-7)

3. No One Else Could  Fulfill  These  Promises  (Vs. 8)

III.  The  Magnifying  of Jesus (Vss. 10-16) 

A. Because of  What He Has  Done  (Vs. 10)

B. Because of His  Victory  (Vs. 13) 

C. Because of His  Return  (Vs. 14) 

D. Because of His  Work  (Vs. 16)

IV. The  Message  of Jesus (Vss. 17-25)

A. Why  Wouldn’t  You Trust in the  Living God? (Vss. 18-20)

B. This Was a People Who Doesn’t  Seek God (Vs. 22)

C.  A People Who Didn’t Hear God (Vss. 24-25)



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