Faith in God

In April 1988 the evening news reported on a photographer who was a skydiver. He had jumped from a plane along with numerous other skydivers and filmed the group as they fell and opened their parachutes. On the film shown on the telecast, as the final skydiver opened his chute, the picture went berserk. The announcer reported that the cameraman had fallen to his death, having jumped out of the plane without his parachute.

It wasn’t until he reached for the absent ripcord that he realized he was freefalling without a parachute. Until that point, the jump probably seemed exciting and fun. But tragically, he had acted with thoughtless haste and deadly foolishness. Nothing could save him, for his faith was in a parachute never buckled on.

Faith in anything but an all-sufficient God can be just as tragic spiritually. It’s not just faith that’s important, but the object of our faith is equally important. We need to make sure that our faith is in God.

Mark 11:22  “And Jesus answering saith unto them, Have faith in God.”

The wonderful blessing is that God deserves our faith. God has never let anyone down before and you will not be the first.  So you can place your faith in God and know that He is going to come through.

  1. Have Faith in God for salvation.
  2. Have Faith in God for your sanctification.
  3. Have Faith in God that one day you’re going to see Him face to face.

You will never be disappointed in putting your faith in God.

I don’t know what you’re struggling with today, but take time to study God’s Word, pray together as a family, or even get your kids to read the Bible. This will help build your faith separately and as a family.


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