The Woman in the Dirt

I. The Destruction of Babylon (Vs. 1-5)

A. Her Disgrace (Vs. 1)

B. Her Demotion (Vs. 2)

C. Her Desolation (Vss. 2-5)

D. Her Demands (Vs. 6)

II. The Direction of Babylon (Vs. 7-9)

A. She Believed She Could Never Fall (Vs. 7)

B. She Followed After Pleasures (Vs. 8)

C. She Didn’t Consider the End (Vs. 8)

III. The Destination of Babylon (Vss. 9-15)

A. A Powerless God (Vss. 10-13)

B. A Pointless Knowledge (Vs. 10)

C. A Promised End (Vss. 14-15)



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