Bible Messages from March 2019

Do It Heartily

Colossians 3:23 I. Why Do We Lack Zeal? A. Some Do Not Know God B. That Which Should Be Precious Has Become to Familiar C. We Live in a “Me-First” Society D. We Grow More Apathetic With Age E. We Want Acceptance and Approval II. Why Zeal for God is Important A. God Wants us to be Passionate B. What is our Treasure? (Matthew 6:21) C. Zeal Changes People D. Zeal Protects us from Sin III. How to Restore Your…

It’s About “Time”

Ephesians 5:14-17 Life is a gift from God. Time is the vehicle by which it is delivered. I. The Priority of Time A. Awake to Salvation (Isaiah 55:5-7) B. Awake to God’s Priorities II. Preservation of Time A. A Cautious Walk (Ephesians 5:15) B. A Calculated Walk (Mark 13:33) III. The Purpose of Time A. Seek God’s Wisdom B. Seek God’s Wisdom through His Word