Timeless Truths Radio Ministry

One Thing – Timeless Truths

If God came to you tonight with one request, what would it be? If you had only one question to ask Him, what would that question be? We’re going to look at the great need of your heart this morning on Timeless Truths Radio Ministry.

Hearing God – Timeless Truths

In this program, Pastor Burns considers our responsibility to hear God speak to us. What can we learn from the events of our life? What is God saying to us today? Learn more in this wonderful Bible teaching program.

The Gospel – Timeless Truths

Pastor Burns explains the pathway to eternal life. He tells us about the Gospel of Jesus Christ and how it can change your life. The Gospel of Christ reveals the power, purity and punishment of God. Join us for this week’s program.

Timeless Truths: The Bible

Pastor Burns dicusses the importance of the Bible and how it went from the heart of God to the hand of Christians. We look at how we can walk in the light, and become a Christian whose work is blessed.

Timeless Truths: Who is God?

In this episode of Timeless Truths, Pastor Burns looks at who God is and how you can have a personal relationship with Him. If you want to better understand yourself and how you tick, then you are going to need to know God. He is our Creator, Sustainer, and knows everything about us. We’re going to look at the many truths in the Bible about God, and give us Clear understanding of His plan for us. I. God is a…
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